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Wouldn't it be wonderful to give a gift that is always the right size, never out of style and so thoughtful it's never forgotten? It's easy to do when you present a gift from the heart.

Inside you'll discover creative, practical and inspirational ways to richly bless those around you with gifts of friendship, affirmation, celebration, comfort, forgiveness, honor, hope, love, mercy, prayer, rejoicing and tradition.

In addition, you'll delight in having Dolley's favorite recipes at your fingertips when you're in need of a special treat!Buy

Experience the joy of giving a gift that always fits with Gifts from the Heart!

Christmas Gifts from the Heart is a present just waiting to be opened! This little book overflows with thoughtful, joyful, heartfelt ideas for Christmas giving.

You'll find wonderful ways to bless your family and friends with gifts they'll love, including Christmas Parties and Gatherings, Gifts That Money Can't Buy, Decking the Halls, Memory Making and Tradition Keeping, Pray-Ponder-Plan, Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus, and The Flowers of Christmas.

You'll also delight in having some of Dolley's favorite holiday recipes--Strawberry Trifle and Irish Soda Bread, just to mention two!Buy

"Well have so much fun preparing, celebrating, singing, cooking, baking, creative purchasing, and resting (yes, resting!) in the blessing that is uniquely Christmas!

Dolley Carlson's Mr. & Mrs. Gifts from the Heart will bless your marriage--or that of a friend. Give it as a gift, or keep it for yourself whether you've been married 50 years, 5 years, or 5 weeks, you'll find wonderful, thoughtful ways to honor and cherish your spouse, including Mr. & Mrs. at Home, He Says--She Says, Encouragement, Playfulness, Romance and Passion.

You'll also delight in some of Dolley's favorite recipes. Try Rise 'n' Shine Pancakes, You Take My Breath Away White Chocolate Mousse, or Ti Amo Fettuccini, just to name a few.

Dolley says, "Marriages are as varied as that first wedding-ceremony kiss--sweet, passionate, shy,Buy or bold--each unique, but with one ideal and that is to remain in love and married for a lifetime!" Join her in honoring "what God had put together," your love and marriage, with gifts from the heart.

Whether you want to celebrate a long-time friendship or bless a new friend, Dolley Carlson gives you all the ideas you need in Friendship Gifts from the Heart. This little book, full of friendship builders, also makes a wonderful gift for a cherished friend. Inside you'll find creative, joyful ways to honor your friends, including Befriending, Caring, The Heart of Friendship . . . Love!, Forgiveness--The Most Expensive Gift of All, Prayer--Heartfelt & Specific Ways to Pray and Parties & Celebrations.

You'll also delight in sharing some of Dolley's favorite recipes with your friends, including Boston "Tea Party" Cream Pie and Tortilla "Where's that Recipe Now?" Soup, just to mention two.Buy

Dolley says, "Friendship, true friendship is a sweet, sweet gift. Old, new, and to come, all friendships are wonderful opportunities for mutual blessing and joy!"


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