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Recommended Reading
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The Daily Light ~ This unique devotional is completely God’s Word developed into brief devotions for morning and evening. The forward is by Anne Graham Lotts who highly recommends this legacy (Her mother, Ruth Bell Graham, received a copy as a girl as did Anne who in turn gave one to each of her children) book. The pages are dated so it’s an extra blessing to give one to yourself and a loved one too, so you’ll always be on the same page.

When I lay My Isaac Down ~ Carol Kent
Although the subject matter seems daunting at best, Carol’s son is in prison. It is not because of the hope Christ provides. No matter where your Isaac is, this book will lift you up, dust you off and empower you with one mother’s testimony of getting to the other side of hopelessness and despair through the love and promises of Christ. It’s an absolutely amazing read and blessing!

Open Heart, Open Home ~ Karen Burton Mains
If hospitality is on your heart but you find yourself on overwhelm at the thought of putting everything together…this is the book for you. Basically the pressure is off as we learn about hospitality versus entertaining. Karen Burton Mains makes it all doable and enjoyable with her encouraging heart and practical helps. This book has been around for a long time but its blessings are timeless.

The Sacred Romance ~ John Eldredge
The best way I know to describe this book is to say that it lets God be God…big, miraculous, omnipotent, loving, forgiving and merciful. Reading Sacred Romance is like getting glasses after squinting at everything. You’ll see the love of God more clearly in new, amazingly joyful and unexpected ways.

The Message Promise Book ~ This little soft cover book is filled with God’s Word as translated in The Message Bible. It offers the reader quick access to verses that are categorized by topic. Personally I love the quick reference especially when I’m looking for a way to bless someone in his or her specific area of need.

Praying God’s Will for My Son
Praying God’s Will for My Daughter
This small volume is the perfect prayer partner for a parent. It came to me by recommendation from my good friend Emilie Barnes. The book lists specific life topics and places the word daughter or son right into Scripture, providing us an easily accessible way to say Scripture prayers for our offspring. Open it randomly or specifically. The inspired prayers become a comfort for the parent and cover for the child.

Choices ~ Mary Farrar
This read is the Titus woman between book covers. Picking up Choices is like having a very wise and understanding older woman to help you make life decisions, big and little. The blessing of Mary Farrar’s knowledge, unending wisdom and godliness take the reader by the hand and frankly, sometimes by the shoulders, as in, “What are you thinking?” All the while she is encouraging the reader toward wise decisions for her marriage, parenting, home and career.

Abba’s Child ~ Brennen Manning
If you have trouble believing that you are truly God’s beloved child. This is the book for you. Brennen Manning has a way of weaving God’s Word, his own experiences, personal testimony and amazing stories into a rich, colorful tapestry of God’s unconditional love. Abba’s Child is a book you’ll want to reference it again and again.

God Will Make A Way ~ Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. John Townsend
More than a million readers consulted the faith-based advice of Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend's Boundaries. In God Will Make a Way, these two clinical psychologists explain that it's not until we realize that we don't know what to do that we are able to hear God's voice. Counseling readers to embrace problems as gifts, they discuss how readers can apply these principles to 18 real-world dilemmas, ranging from dating to self-discipline to weight control.

Prayers From the Heart ~ Richard J. Foster

How to Live Through A Bad Day ~ Jack Hayford

The Velveteen Woman ~ Brenda Waggoner

Designing A Woman’s Life ~ Judith Couchman

The Overload Syndrome ~ Richard A. Swenson, M.D.

Margin ~ Richard A. Swenson, M.D.

The Blessing Book ~ Linda Dillow


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